“We were tired of being surrounded by frameworks that no longer unleash the best for our clients. We missed them. Perspectives. The all-changing ones. Then we set out. We abandoned these structures. And formed new ones.”


We transform our clients' needs into creative momentum. The perfect team for the one project. Always different. Always fitting. Always excellent. 


Our goal is to release the intuitive creativity that produces a perfect combination of the right people. And to make this usable for all.

frst change the world

Anyone who walks through the world with open eyes not only discovers its inspiring power. You also become sensitive to its challenges. That is why we donate 5% of our profits as working time to special projects. These are people who walk courageous paths for their convictions. We walk a piece of this path with them.

"The team at frst supported us in a few days for our PXP campaign and delivered an incredible result. They took the pulse of everyone involved in the NGO and beyond."

Fetsum – Federal Merit Winners (PxP Festival)


Our talents work for top international brands in B2C and B2B.


Basically, we do everything that makes sense. No more. No less. So if an idea needs special skills, we find people who bring them along. But there are some things we have done successfully so often in recent years that we call them our services.

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