frst to trust

At the centre of each project is a Single Point of Contact. A companion for the entire duration of the project. Empathic constant, professional in the field and steering body for the team.

frst fits

We curate a team of freelance talents around the centre. This way, we don't have to sell reserved capacities, but can put together teams purely according to project needs.

frst for excellence

Thus frst always remains new. While the Single Point brings continuity, a living biotope gathers around it, uniting different perspectives and never wearing out.

frst sprint

Focused creative sprints combine maximum energy with cooperative power and manoeuvrability. In regular consultations, we keep sprint goals alive and adjust them together.

frst acts

Agile creativity is efficient and plannable. Freelance talents bring in expertise and flexibility. Short sprints create focus and control options. The single point limits management to the bare minimum.

frst for talents

We do not believe in the alleged "war for talents" that has been raging for years. People are not fought for, but won through respect. Through open arms and even more open structures. Artistic freedom, fair communication and inspiring guard rails create a culture of togetherness in which everyone grows. If that sounds like inner peace, we are all winners.


Our talents work for top international brands in B2C and B2B.


Basically, we do everything that makes sense. No more. No less. So if an idea needs special skills, we find people who bring them along. But there are some things we have done successfully so often in recent years that we call them our services.

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